The Role and Effects of Supercontinuum Light Source You Need to Know

September 18 2018

A light source is crucial for many applications, and with the combination of laser properties and sh

Factors to Consider When Buying Microscopes for Students

September 18 2018

Microscopes are tools students use to see beyond their normal eye capabilities. Most schools in Sing

The Basics of Live Cells Maintenance on Microscope Stages

August 21 2018

Many types of research and studies today are utilizing the technique of imaging live cells to get a

Little Known Ways to Find the Best Supercontinuum Source Device

August 21 2018

Supercontinuum source generation is the formation of broad continuous spectra by propagation of high

What Do You Need to Know About Microscopy Controlled By Temperature?

August 02 2018

Physiological processes depend strongly on temperature. The procedures may not occur at certain extr

Different Types of Microscope for Students in Singapore

August 02 2018

Schools should transform the students’ life by introducing the digital microscope in the class

The Top Benefits of Polarized Light Microscope

June 12 2018

The microscope opened the eyes of scientists to see tiny microorganisms, atoms, protons, neutrons an

The Types of Microscopes and Their Functions

June 12 2018

Many buyers getting a microscope Singapore have the compound model in mind. Central to this is the f

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