Nanoscribe – 3D Laser Lithography System

The next generation 3D laser lithography system, Photonic Professional GT sets new standards in 3D micro printing and maskless lithography..

Nanoscribe GmbH – Photonic Professional GT

3D printers made by the German company Nanoscribe are the world’s highest resolution systems for three-dimensional nano- and microfabrication. Based on the technique of two-photon polymerization, these 3D laser lithography systems offer submicron feature sizes on or below the length scale of the wavelength of light. When common additive manufacturing technologies like stereolithography reach their limits, these 3D printers reveal their full potential providing a 100x higher resolution. Previously unavailable design freedom in microfabrication and structural heights far beyond conventional lithography techniques guarantee outstanding solutions and make them an indispensable tool for scientific as well as industrial customers.

With these state-of-the art Photonic Professional GT systems, the fabrication of large area 3D micro- and nanostructures is now feasible in a one step process. In combination with an intelligent software package, the system is fully embedded in a typical 3D printing workflow and offers the ease of use known from conventional 3D printing.

Both, additive as well as subtractive manufacturing of photosensitive polymers on a broad range of substrates is possible. These polymers are compatible with typical electroplating and gas-phase deposition processes, allowing the printed parts to coated or transferred into other materials such as gold, nickel, copper (and alloys thereof) as well as silicon or titanium dioxide.

Broad Spectrum of Applications:

Photonic Professional GT systems are the drivers of innovation for numerous key technologies. They can be used for a broad range of applications, e.g.:

• Micro Rapid Prototyping
• Micro Machines
• Medical Engineering
• Micro-Optics

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