Other Add On Microscope Accessories

Other Add On Microscope Accessories

EINST Technology understands that after sales support is critical and we have integrated it as a main component of our business. Our Technical Service Team are well equipped with decades of experience and latest knowledge in order to provide the best possible services for our customers. We provide services for not only our distributed product brands but also for but other makes and models as well. Below are the types of services that we offer.

Rotatable Analyser for NIKON Microscope

Rotatable Analyser for NIKON Microscope Customized rotatable analyzer to address the lacking of such devices by original manufacturers (i.e. Nikon, Olympus, etc). Areas: Polarization Microscopy

Microscope Epi-Module

Epi-module for NIKON Microscope Microscope Epi-module for flexible input of lasers or illumination, or output of signals or images. Areas: General Microscopy, imaging and laser-induced applications such as ultra-fast micro-transient absorption, fluorescence lifetime measurement, etc

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