LINKAM - Temperature Controlled Microscope Stages

LINKAM - Temperature Controlled Microscope Stages

Linkam designs and manufactures scientific instruments to characterize materials from polymers, metals, ceramics, liquid crystals and biological materials.

Linkam WS37

WS37 temperature control for live cell research The WS37 is an innovative answer to a gap in the Andrology market for validated control and effi- ciency. By using a specifically designed thermal liquid crystal slide, accurate to 0.1°C, displayed temperature can be quickly verified optically by colour change.

LINKAM (-196°C to 600°C) THMS600 Heating and Freezing Microscope Stage

The THMS600 Heating and Freezing Microscope Stage is used in many applications where high heating/freezing rates and 0.01°C accuracy and stability are needed. The THMS600 has a temperature range of -196°C to 600°C..

LINKAM (-196°C to 600°C) THMSG600 Heating and Freezing Stage- Geology System

The THMSG600 is based on the design of the highly successful THMS600 stage and then upgraded and modified specifically for geological applications.

LINKAM (-196°C to 600°C) THMSEL600 Temperature Controlled Ellipsometer Stage

The THMS600 is one of the most widely used heating stages on the market, and has now been modified with a special optical adapter to facilitate use on an ellipsometer.

LINKAM (-196°C to 600°C) THMS600-PS Heating and Cooling Stage

By pressurizing the sample chamber up to 14bar the THMS600-PS stage can be used to investigate the effects of pressure on the sample during heating and cooling experiments. This stage has been used in applications where minimizing sample evaporation and sublimation are required.

LINKAM (-196°C to 600°C) FTIR600 Heating and Freezing Stage for IR Microscopy and Spectroscopy

The FTIR600 stage, has been adapted from our market leading high precision THMS600 to allow infra red analysis of samples from -196 up to 600°C covering all applications from pharmaceutical to polymers on most benchtop IR microscope systems

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