ANDOR - Spectrographs and Detectors

ANDOR - Spectrographs and Detectors

The ideal spectrograph presents great throughput, an admirable quality when it comes to imaging and low variance in addition to a great spatial resolution. One of the key reasons behind the inherent popularity of the Andor spectrograph is that these systems are exceptionally configurable.

The makers understand that every researcher has a distinctive requirement in his field of study. This premise determines that every individual shall need a specific configuration. The emphasis on modularity lets Andor ensure that every researcher’s needs are met with the spectroscopy systems.

Moreover, the spectrographs have been designed with a micro-spectroscopy interface that facilitates flawless integration with microscopy systems.

EINST Technology understands that after sales support is critical and we have integrated it as a main component of our business. Our Technical Service Team are well equipped with decades of experience and latest knowledge in order to provide the best possible services for our customers.

Andor – Shamrock Spectrograph Series – Shamrock 163

TheShamrock 163 Imaging Spectrographs is the most compact research-grade Czerny-Turner spectograph on the market. Its 163 mm focal length, high F/3.6 aperture and wide range of seamlessly interchangeable gratings, slits and light coupling accessories make it the ideal tool for general benchtop spectroscopy measurements..

Andor – Imaging Spectrograph Kymera 193i

User-friendly simultaneous access to Andor Kymera 193i, lowlight spectroscopy cameras and a wide range of microscopes and microscope accessories.

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