There are many uses that hyperspectral images have in different industries and understanding each of these uses is key.

Most multi-spectral images have a tendency to give fewer broad wavelengths but for the best narrow wavelengths, hyperspectral image sensors may be what you really need. This makes it possible to get a continuous image cell spectrum clearly and more efficiently.

What most people tend to forget about hyperspectral images is that they have tons of information or data, spectrum behavior, and even surface information that could all be used to understand them better. Hyperspectral imaging system is progressively becoming the most preferred technology over ancient techniques like the multispectral imaging system. Check out the various uses of hyperspectral images in different sections of the industry.

Preferred for Biotechnology

This has become an important piece of technology especially to the biology researches and laboratory tests. Hyperspectral images tend to give clear data enabling faster analysis and understanding of cells among other tests done in the laboratory. It is its preciseness in giving the actual information that makes a lot of scientists to rely on its ability in the lab. This technology could also be used in studying or analyzing wounds and even fluorescence microscopy in the study of minute micro-organisms.

Improved Remote Sensing

Knowing the different features that the earth’s surface and layers have is hard when using multispectral satellites. With the old technology, you can only study up to a few bands which may equate to a number far less to give comprehensive data in understanding earth’s features. Using hyperspectral imaging technology guarantees you about 200 bands that help you distinguish different features and have a better understanding of your images.

Ascertaining Seed Viability

A lot of technology has been introduced to agriculture revolutionizing almost how every farming activity is done. By combining reflectance spectrum and hyperspectral image, farmers can now find out which seeds are viable for farming and guarantee better results and the ones that may be a waste of time and could only lead to poor yields. This is important in amplifying not only your profits but also the amount of harvest you reap at the end of every season. Remember seeds may look the same outwards but their viability differs greatly from each other.

Food Inspection

To ensure quality, inspection is regularly done in different sectors of the food industry. Hyperspectral imaging has also become a key form of technology in food inspection. You can, for instance, notice bruised apples and how fresh the fish meat is before being sold to the public. While it may be almost impossible to notice bruises in an apple with a naked eye, the hyperspectral image will depict and show the progress of the bruise before dark marks start to show up on its surface.

Useful for Medical Diagnosis

Early detection of disorders, tumors, and cancer are necessary for saving human life. This, therefore, needs the best technology to be used by the medical professionals in doing the testing before making the diagnosis of whatever ailments their patients may have. Hyperspectral imaging system is more accurate and helps notice even minor tumors and developing cancer. This gives the doctor ample time to treat and contain the cancerous cells before they spread.

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