Andor Neo 5.5 sCMOS Cameras

Vacuum cooled Scientific CMOS with 1 e-read noise – Rolling and Snapshot exposure

Scientific CMOS (sCMOS) Camera is a breakthrough technology that offers an advanced set of performance features that render it ideal to high fidelity, quantitative scientific measurement. The multi-megapixel sensors offers a large field of view and high resolution, without compromising read noise, dynamic range or frame rate.

Andor Neo 5.5 sCMOS Cameras

In a unique -40°C vacuum cooled platform, loaded with FPGA intelligence, Andor’s Neo 5.5 sCMOS camera is designed exclusively to drive highest possible sensitivity from this exciting and innovative new technology development. Unlike any CMOS or CCD technology to come before it, Neo 5.5 sets radical new benchmarks in its unique ability to simultaneously deliver highest specifications in sensitivity, resolution, speed, dynamic range and field-of-view: true scientific imaging, without compromise. Choice of Rolling and Global (Snapshot) exposure mechanisms ensure maximum application flexibility, the latter providing a ‘freeze frame’ capture capability that emulates that of an interline CCD.

Specifications Summary •2
Active pixels (W x H) 2560 x 2160 (5.5 Megapixel)
Sensor size16.6 x 14.0 mm (21.8 mm diagonal)
Pixel size (W x H)6.5 µm
Pixel well depth (typical)30,000 e
Pixel readout rate (MHz)560, 200
Read noise (min)1 e
Maximum cooling-40°C
Maximum burst frame rate100 fps @ full frame
Readout ModesRolling and Snapshot shutter
Features and Benefits
  • TE cooling to -40°C
    Minimization of dark current and pixel blemish
  • 1 e- read noise
    Lower detection limit than any CCD
  • 5.5 megapixel sensor format and 6.5 μm pixels
    Extremely sharp resolution over a 22 mm field of
    view: Ideal for cell microscopy and astronomy
  • Rolling and Global (Snapshot) shutter
    Maximum flexibility across all applications
  • Rapid frame rates
    Sustained: 30 fps full frame
    Burst: 100 fps full frame
  • Dual-Gain amplifiers
    Extensive dynamic range of 30,000:1 @ 30 fps
  • UltraVac™ •1
    Sustained sensor protection and unequalled
    cooling with 5 year warranty
  • ROI and pixel binning
    User-defined ROI (1 pixel granularity) and
    hardware binning
  • NEW GPU Express
    Simplify and optimize data transfers from camera
    to Graphical Processing Unit (GPU) card to
    facilitate accelerated GPU processing as part of
    the acquisition pipeline.
  • 4 GB on-head memory
    Acquire data bursts at frame rates faster than PC
    write speed
  • Dynamic Baseline Clamp
    Ensures quantitative stability
  • Software Exposure Events
    Rapid software notification via SDK of start / end
    of exposure synchronization
  • iCam
    Fast exposure switching
  • Fan-off capability
    Turn off fan for extended periods for zero
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