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Nikon Stereo Microscopes

The advancement of science and technology has seen the creation of an outstandingly high performance stereo microscope. This new model has been designed with the stellar zoom ratio of 12.7:1. This also presents the user and researcher with greater resolution images and better optics. Ergonomically designed for efficacy, this is the coveted camera which has a superior zoom range that still offers extraordinarily sharp pictures. Intended to suit requirements such as scrutinizing microscopic structures, this is a stereo microscope with camera that tends to surpass the expectations of users. Graced with advanced image acquisition characteristics, the microscope allows users to have a terrific experience be it in the course of life science studies or even biology research with body screening a major part of routine operations. Each stereo microscopes and macroscope from Nikon features precision optics, large zoom ranges, and wide fields of view for analyzing the widest range of specimens in two and three dimensions.

Nikon Upright Microscopes

Each Legendary Nikon optics in each Nikon upright microscope provide superb images over the entire magnification range. Universal microscope objectives for multi‐mode imaging applications, digital capabilities, high N.A.s and long working distances all combine for fast, smooth observations no matter what the application.

Nikon Inverted Microscopes

Catering to a large range of examination and research needs globally, a compact inverted microscope has been designed with inventive optics. Exceptionally configurable, it is deemed ideal to a number of study methods. It has been designed in an intermediate-size and it can offer a spate of new features such as multipurpose observation modes. Apart from the usual contrast techniques, this lets you use Phase Contrast, DIC and Hoffman Modulation Contrast or even Emboss Contrast. Moreover, this microscope is sought after for it is well-matched to a number of extremely efficient optical accessories facilitating the production of a spate of clear, sharp pictures. This is only the beginning however, for the affordable nature of the inverted microscope price makes it yet another alluring facet in the product! Each Nikon inverted microscopes are industry leaders; renowned for optical quality, flexibility, modularity, ease of use, ergonomics, and mechanical precision. Each is highly versatile and capable of producing brighter, higher contrast, aberration‐free images, thanks to the power and range of proprietary Nikon optics.

Tomocube - Holographic Microscope

Holotomographic Microscopy – New era of microscopy Tomocube’s holotomography series utilize optical diffraction tomography (ODT), which enables users to quantitatively and noninvasively investigate biological cells and thin tissues. ODT reconstructs the 3D refractive index (RI) distributions of live cells and by doing so, provides structural and chemical information about the cell including dry mass, morphology, and dynamics of the cellular membrane.

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