Preventive Maintenance

Our service technicians provides extensive servicing and maintaining of your microscope to ensure they are in satisfactory operating conditions. They are well versed with Nikon Family as well as most other brands of Microscopes. We are capable of performing preventive maintenance from basic microscopes up to advanced microscopes.

Our Preventative Maintenance Service would provide you with assurance knowing that your microscope is kept in best condition.

  • Under the Preventive Maintenance Service, the following services will be performed.
  • Pre- Cleaning and Evaluation and inspection
  • Disassemble microscope station into individual major components
  • Cleaning of all exposed optics, filters and light source window
  • Removal and re application of lubrication of all moving parts
  • Cleaning of exterior
  • Test and set electrical system to specification.
  • Reassemble back microscope and checking of function
  • Affix date of service label, due date for next PM
  • Malfunctions of microscope are documented and explained to client

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