TERASENSE - Terahertz imaging cameras, Generators and Ultrafast Terahertz Detectors

TERASENSE - Terahertz imaging cameras, Generators and Ultrafast Terahertz Detectors

TeraSense is producing imaging equipment for Terahertz (THz) and sub-THz frequency ranges. Revolutionary, patent-protected Terasense technology allows to manufacture a new type of semiconductor cameras, detectors and sources of terahertz radiation. TeraSense devices bridge terahertz gap (0.1 – 1 THz). The company has a strong team of 20 skilled scientists and engineers

Terasense Terahertz Imaging Cameras

The world’s first high speed sub-THz semiconductor imaging camera – Terahertz imaging cameras Sub-Terahertz Imaging Solutions for Science and Industry Terasense has developed an original patent-protected technology for making a new type of semiconductor detectors for sub-THz rays operating at room temperatures.

Ultrafast Terahertz detectors

Ultrafast detectors by TeraSense consistently demonstrate response time of less than 150 ps. This was confirmed by direct observation of its impulse response function.

Terahertz generators (IMPATT diodes)

TeraSense series of IMPATT diodes are silicon double drift diodes with a 0.6 um transit region, mounted on copper heat sink. The layers in double-drift diodes are: a heavily doped (p+)-region, a moderately doped pregion, a moderately doped n-region, and a heavily doped (n+)-region. The (p+)- and (n+)- regions allow ohmic electrical contacts to be made to the external circuit. The device relies on negative resistance to generate and sustain an oscillation.

High speed linear THz camera

High Speed Linear THz camera is our brand new product, which features both, unprecedented imaging speed of 5000 frames per second and ease of integration into any industrial process. Its ultrafast linear sensor array is built to satisfy the needs in Non- Destructive Testing (NDT) and Quality Control (QC) for many industrial applications employing high speed conveyors belts.

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