YSL Photnics

YSL Photonics explores, develops and manufactures next-generation of supercontinuum source (supercontinuum laser, white light source, white light laser), picosecond pulsed and femtosecond fiber laser that bring new capabilities, higher reliability and lower ownership to a diverse range of industrial and R & D applications. The core team has combined of more than 100years of track record of award-winning products and successful business in Photonics.



A laser that has continued to surpasses the features of similar models in terms of performance, supercontinuum source lasers are coveted by researchers around the world. People who seek a picosecond pulsed, femtosecond fiber laser gravitate toward this version as it comes packed with a spate of novel features. Not only is it reasonably priced, but it is also considered more dependable when used by a wide range of industries for their multifaceted research and development applications.

It has been created and designed painstakingly as it is specifically intended as a next-generation supercontinuum source of supercontinuum laser and white light sources as well as white light lasers. Developed by a brand that has years of experience in the industry, this product is much in demand.

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