XY Linear Motor Stages For Inverted Microscopes – HLD117

      Prior’s newest stage technology, the HLD117 Stages with Linear Motor Technology brings a new level to precision in microscope automation.

      XY Linear Motorized Stages for Inverted Microscopes

      The HLD117 series of flat top stages with linear motor technology for inverted research microscopes set new standards for convenience and performance. Designed to seamlessly integrate with other items such as micromanipulators and incubation chambers, the top surface of the stage is completely free of obstruction. This provides a highly ergonomic platform with exceptionally easy access to the sample area. The HLD117 incorporates constant contact bearings giving the lowest friction and smoothest drive available. 50 nm encoders are integrated into the motorized stage as standard.

      The HLD117 is:

      Ultra Quiet

      Even at high speeds (up to 300 mm/sec) the linear DC servo motors are almost silent.

      Fast and Precise

      With a maximum speed of 300 mm/sec and a minimum speed of 1 µm/ sec the HLD117 is suitable for a wide array of applications, and accerleration is so smooth imaging can be performed as the motorized stage moves. The stage is highly precise, with 0.15 µm repeatability.

      Low Profile

      The low profile flat top design allows ample room to access microscope adjustments.

      Easy to integrate

      The slide is controlled via the ProScan III system, offering superlative control and the potential to automate much of the imaging process. With the addition of illumination devices, the Nanopositioning Piezo Z stage, and a robotic loader, one gains an extremely powerful system, with tight control over illumination, slide loading, and all three axes – ideal for high throughput applications where both speed and precision are vital. The motorized stage is also compatible with third party software, and a software development kit is supplied with the stage to allow easy integration.

      The HLD117’s offer superior versaltility and are an ideal solution for:

      Slide Scanning

      Built for performance with unmatched acceleration rates and speeds, the HLD117 is the best choice for either start/stop point to point imaging or for continuous motion and velocity controlled scanning applications. The ProScan controller with TTL I/O and triggering functions provides constant speed movements with extremely low velocity ripple for picture perfect synchronization between automation and imaging software.

      Multipoint Imaging

      Whether your cells are fixed or in solution Prior linear drive stages make multiple position imaging both rapid and precise. Image acquisition from multiple points scattered across a wide area is faster than previously thought possible – a 96 well plate can be scanned in approximately 15 seconds. The addition of Prior’s Nanopositioning Piezo Z stage, offering precise focussing for high end applications, allows three dimensional data collection in miliseconds.

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