Ibsen I-MON OEM FBG Interrogator

      The I-MON OEM series is compact, light weight and cost efficient, and is ideal for customers who want full control of all electronics and software, as the customer interfaces directly to the I-MON diode array. A Developer’s Kit is available to get started-plug-and-play.

      The I-MON OEM Interrogation Monitors are designed for customers who want to make their own electrical interface directly to the diode array. This is ideal for customers who want full control of all electronics and software.

      The I-MON 256 OEM and 512 OEM are from our new OEM series using a high speed InGaAs detector array for sensing at 1550 nm. The detectors are pin compatible, which means that electronics operating the 256 OEM can easily be designed to also operate the 512 OEM.

      The I-MON 835 OEM offers a cost effective, yet high performing, sensing solution for 835 nm FBG’s.

      I-MON 256 OEM / 512 OEM
      I-MON 835 OEM

      All our I-MON OEMs are offered with a Developer’s Kit to get started plug and play. You will find more information about the Developer’s Kit in the links above.

      I-MON OEM Product Selector Guide

      ParameterUnitI-MON 256 OEMI-MON 512 OEMI-MON 835 OEM
      Max number of sensors377045
      InterfaceDirectly to pins of the diode array
      Diode arrayHamamatsu G11620 seriesSONY ILX511B
      Number of pixels2565122048(*)
      Max speedHz35,00017,000100

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