GAEA 10 Megapixel Phase Only Spatial Light Modulator (Reflective)

      The GAEA phase only Spatial Light Modulator (SLM) consists of a driver unit with standard digital video interface (HDMI) and a phase only LCOS (Liquid Crystal on Silicon) microdisplay with 10 megapixel (4K) resolution (4094 x 2464 pixel) and 3.74 µm pixel pitch leading to an active area diagonal of 0.7”.

      The GAEA SLM is a plug & play phase modulator device and can be addressed with phase functions via standard graphics cards as extended monitor device. 8 bit gray level patterns (= 8 bit phase levels) can be addressed. The used graphics card must be able to provide an uncompressed output at 4094 x 2464 pixel resolution. Addressing can easily be done using the supplied “Application Software” or standard image viewer software.

      GAEA Spatial Light Modulator – Microdisplay Features
      Display Type:Reflective LCOS (Phase Only)
      Resolution:4094 x 2464 Pixel
      Pixel Pitch:3.74 µm
      Fill Factor:90 %
      Active Area15.32 x 9.22 mm (0.7″ Diagonal)
      Addressing8 Bit (256 Grey Levels)
      Signal FormatsHDMI – 4 K Resolution
      Max. Spatial Resolution133.5 lp/mm
      Input Frame Rate24 Hz (4094 x 2464 Pixel)
      30 Hz (3840 x 2160 Pixel)

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