Visitron Systems – High Performance Microscopy for Life Sciences

Development and Manufacturing – “Made in Germany”
System house for ultimate digital microscopy and cell based imaging solutions in the field of biology, medicine and pharmacy from brightfield and fluorescence applications to fully automated multi-dimensional microscopy.

Visitron Systems GmbH is known as one of the leading companies supplying imaging-solutions in the field of microscopy over the last 20 years. The company was founded by its two managing directors Dr. Gunter Köhn and Helmut Wurm to support scientific in biology.

Over the last 5 years the company structure has been improved. Visitron invested in own development and manufacturing of optics, hardware and imaging software “Made in Germany”. This has moved Visitron Systems from a system integrator to a solution provider with own manufactured products.

The company is even more flexible and innovative for special microscopy “Life Science Research” solutions and hardware implementation into VisiView software. A competent team of highly qualified and educated scientists from the fields of biology, human genetics, physics, electronic and computer science are responsible for the success of Visitron Systems GmbH.

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