Supercontinuum source generation is the formation of broad continuous spectra by propagation of high power pulses that are short through a nonlinear media. Supercontinuum light is best described by experts as broad as a lamp yet bright as a laser. Lamps such as incandescent and fluorescent are made using tungsten halogens or xenon.

They typically provide a very broad spectrum ranging from 400nm to 1700nm. The intensity, however, depends mainly on the quality of the filament or the performance of the gas excitation. Since light is not spatially coherent, linking it with the fiber is for sure a challenging affair as it can create a low-power, low brightness source with mediocre beam quality.

Lasers are the Best: You should note that the lasers have high spatial coherence and are very bright. Because of which you can efficiently couple them with the fiber. The best part is that it gives an outstanding single beam quality. But, the only problem you might face with the lasers is that they are monochromatic.

Thus, if you need more than one lasers, you need specific wavelengths to cover a much broader spectrum. You need to buy a femtosecond fiber laser to create the ideal laser as per your requirement. They use this device in nanophotonics, fluorescence, spectroscopy, and microscopy.

There are so many uses other than the things that are listed above. Many people do not know how to purchase this device as they have no experience. Here are details of something that you need to consider if you want to own the best equipment.

Understand the Requirement: The first thing that you need to know is your requirement. Therefore, it is essential for you to first assess your needs by sitting down with your staff and understanding their needs. Once you have a clarity of their requirement, you may choose to explore the options that are available in the market. Doing the other way around will make you spend a lot of time unnecessarily.

Data Sheet and Product Description: The immediate next thing that you need to check is the product description page and the data sheet that comes along with each of these items. When you take time to study these documents or details, you will quickly identify the pros and cons of each of these items. Once you have a fair understanding of this item, you may choose to buy the device that is apt for your requirement.

Brand Reputation and High Quality: Next thing that you need to check is the brand. Not every brand has a good name. You may check with your peers to identify the best brands and the devices that they manufacture. Pick an item that is appropriate after doing proper research.

Compare the Prices: One other thing that you need to do as part of the research is to compare the prices of the supercontinuum source devices across all the brands. By doing this, you can quickly assess and pick one that is best for your requirement.

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