The super-resolution demands for fluorescence microscopy necessitate quality equipment with Andor Camera being an approved brand for all applications.

Researchers who want to conduct intensive cell imaging or researching colorization require high-end equipment that can meet their laboratory requirements. The ability of fluorescence microscopy to precisely differentiate individual molecules makes it the most popular technique for biological studies. An extra advantage for utilizing the technique is that different colors can be used for the tracking of distinct molecules which makes it possible to study molecular interaction. Since the evaluation and analysis of molecular and cellular components are involving, it requires adequate investment in equipment for the studies.

Scientists that want advanced equipment for their studies have the ultimate solution in Andor Camera models which have for decades been approved for ultrastructural investigations. The ranges of imaging cameras developed by the manufacturer are outstanding and have pushed the limits on market perceptions. One of the distinct advantages of the cameras is their super-resolution abilities which are the first factor that any researcher looks for in fluorescence microscopy. The high resolutions powers make it possible for users to easily surpass the range of resolution that is desired.

It is not just the super-resolution specifications of Andor cameras that make them a must-have but in the complementary features. The high resolutions are made practical by the speed performance of the imaging cameras which lead to stellar results for any application. An example is the Andor Ixon Ultra 897 EMCCD Camera which can be accelerated to 56 fps on a full frame resulting in unparalleled performance. This inbuilt operational module is not distinct from the single model but has been a defining characteristic of a whole line of models. It is these ingrained super speeds and resolutions that make Andor a brand that set the pace in the research industry where they have always had their focus.

Another core advantage of going for the imaging cameras from Andor is they are built using the latest technology. The advanced scientific CMOS technology has been fundamental in improving the models produced by the manufacturer. This is then enhanced by the versatile ICCD, CCD, and EMCCD detectors which are included in all their models. It is the application of the breakthrough technology that has made the models ideal for intensive quantitative scientific measurements. A favorite model for scientists that want to tap to the powers of sCMOS is the Andor Neo 5.5.

The search for Andor cameras must always be guided upon the basis of authenticity and trust which can only be acquired from reputable suppliers. A rule of the thumb is always to go for online stores that specialize in microscopy equipment and have a professional management team is the first step to ensuring top value for the investment. General stores are to be avoided at all costs as they lack the much-needed expertise and specialization in the research sector where nothing can be left to chance. A final consideration is to settle for a store that has the skilled workforce for the installations, repairs, and maintenance of the imaging cameras which have to be handled with lots of care.

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