There is a much smaller world than our naked eyes can perceive. That world is extremely important to view for various scientific and diagnostic purposes. The microscope is one important instrument that can help in viewing this microscopic world. To study various cells and microorganisms accurately, the microscope must be in top-notch condition. We have devised a 10 point checklist that will help you in proper maintenance of your microscope. Also, recommendations on where to buy microscope in Singapore is enlisted.

Handling with Care Is the Trick

Most of the microscopes fail due to improper handling. The metal support arm and the base are the sturdiest parts of the microscope. Thus, it must be lifted with them and not the eyepiece holder and the stage.

Ensure Crystal Clear Lenses

Focus adjusting capability of the objective lens depends upon its lowering. Prevent the lens from touching the slide while lowering as it can damage the lens or lose clarity. It is an extremely difficult job to properly clean the microscope lens.

Proper Covering

The microscope must be properly covered using the dust-free covering at all the times when not in use, under transportation or even while selling. This will help in keeping the eyepiece tubes clear and dust free.

Safe Storage

Corrosive chemicals, dust, and dampness can damage the microscopes. Thus, it must be stored in a safe place away from the above-stated condition and in a well-ventilated space.

Immediate Cleaning after Oil Immersion

After using the oil immersion technique to increase the resolving power of the microscope, it should be thoroughly cleaned. The objective lens must be devoid of the transparent oil after studying the sample to avoid any damage.

Increasing Bulb Life

To ensure the bulb life of the microscope, the illuminator must be turned off after every use. This ensures the bulb cools off, reducing chances of damage and unnecessary replacement costs.

Careful Lens Cleaning:

The delicate nature of the microscope lens requires careful cleaning. Use of aspirator and special lens paper in a circular motion for cleaning the lens is suggested.

Referring to User’s Manual is a Must

Before making any adjustments, using and cleaning the microscope, refer to User’s Manual. Every microscope seller should make sure a proper manual is provided with every unit.

Regular Maintenance Checks

Every microscope unit must be checked regularly for cleanliness and lubrication. All the plugs and cords must be checked for safety. Proper maintenance checks will prolong the life of the microscopes.

Call for Professional Service Whenever Required

The help of a professional service provider must be taken if something wrong with the instrument is encountered. This will make sure that the unit is properly repaired and retains its accuracy and usefulness. It will also help in keeping the maintenance costs low in the long run.

Buying a microscope from a trusted vendor is a must. If you are wondering where to buy microscope in Singapore then look for a trusted vendor who provides better maintenance support after the sale. Check if the supplier is in the industry for a long time and ensure you check their reviews online before ordering the microscope.

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