Linkam WS37

Simple quality, repeatable results

WS37 temperature control for live cell research

The WS37 is an innovative answer to a gap in the Andrology market for validated control and effi-
ciency. By using a specifically designed thermal liquid crystal slide, accurate to 0.1°C, displayed temperature can be quickly verified optically by colour change.

Key Features
  • Temperature Range- ambient to 50°C
  • 108 or 110mm diameter option available for fitting to a wide range of microscopes
  • 75x55mm ITO heated surface to allow easy slide comparison
  • Thin 0.5mm plate for improved image quality
  • Sensor accuracy- +/- 0.16°C
  • Alarm function for system confidence and improved workflow efficiency
  • Interactive touchscreen controller for easy and quick use
  • Dual control One controller can power two warm plates
  • Data logging software for improved sample quality control
  • LC validation kit provides system confidence and repeatability

Linkam warm stages are found in cell biology labs, hospitals and IVF clinics all over the world due to several key design features:

  • The warming plates are incredibly thin, as little as 0.5mm, so that short high resolution objective or condenser lenses can be used
  • A platinum resistor temperature sensor is used for higher accuracy and stability than the more commonly used thermocouple.
  • The low voltage power supply uses automatic feedback so that there are no temperature fluctuations when loading or removing the sample.
  • Heating rate of 10°C/min.
  • Sophisticated CAD designed bi-filar heating element that covers the entire surface of the stage to maintain uniform temperature distribution.
  • The heating element is designed so that no heater current induced fields will influence the sample.
  • Stages are designed to fit into the microscope table enabling full access to the sample.
  • The WSC96 stage controllers are extremely simple and intuitive, set temperature then press heat.
  • All equipment is EMC emissions tested so that it can be safely used in hospital and IVF environments.
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